On-trend Color Palettes for 2021

Home décor colors continue to display earthy tones that you have come to love. More people spend time in their homes than ever before. It’s not surprising that many want a fresh update to enjoy their homes. On-trend color palettes for 2021 continue to embrace warm neutrals and bright colors that remind you of a forest, an ocean, or a beautiful sunset.

Color palettes for 2021 seen in an ocean sunset

Colors to Recharge

When you think about what colors recharge your soul, the most popular color palettes for 2021 include shades of blue, yellow, orange, and red. These colors are reminiscent of a sunset because as the sun disappears over the horizon, the sky takes on those colors. That’s the palette you see.

These gorgeous hues are combined with neutrals like Sea Salt and Pearl Gray from the most recent Sherwin-Williams palette. When you put the colors together, you create a space where you can recharge after a busy week and spend time with your friends and family. Invigorate a living room or a kitchen with this color palette.

Take a Moment to Breathe

Find balance in your home by embracing shades of green, grays, and teals because calming colors will give you a moment to breathe. Imagine a sandy beach staring out at the ocean to visualize the different shades of green and teal that you’ll see in this color palette.

Combining these shades with colors like Smoky White from Behr’s color palettes for 2021 brings you the chance to create an escape for yourself. Add reclaimed wood or upcycled furniture in dark wood tones, and you’ll have your own ocean-side oasis. For example, bathrooms would work well with this color palette, and so would bedrooms.

Inspire Creativity

Inspire creativity with color palettes made to make you feel ready to face the world. In these colors, you’ll find reds, oranges, greens, and yellows in addition to dark blues and natural wood tones. Imagine a field with wildflowers like sunflowers, red poppies, and daisies to get a visual for this color palette.

Those different shades of green among the flowers make up the background that makes the colors pop and foster creativity. It’s like being outside while you’re inside. Embrace the colors, and later, you’ll feel the inspiration to create new memories in your home. Kitchens or craft rooms would be perfect for these colors.

Bright colors in a field of flowers create another color palette

Calm Serenity

The color palettes for 2021 also invite a calm serenity to your home. Warm hues and soft nature-inspired pastels create the perfect environment where you can relax. To imagine the colors in this group, picture a sandy oasis. The light and warm neutrals balance with different shades within the color scheme.

Versatility is part of these shades as they all complement each other. For example, the warm neutrals in the Sherwin-Williams color palette collection for this year would pair well with shades of violet. Between Snowfall and Mystical Shade, all of the hues would work beautifully to create your own Zen space in your home office or bedroom.

Find Comfort and Balance

Shades of teal, various yellows, and natural wood tones complement a space where you can find a sense of comfort and balance. To help you visualize where these colors come from, picture looking out at a calm waterfront at sunrise. Wispy clouds float above a lake and reflect among the ripples in the water. Slowly the sun begins to rise, and then the world begins again.

Those colors make up this color palette from Benjamin Moore. With names like Foggy White and Aegean Teal, along with Rosy Peach and Amazon Soil, you can begin to imagine just how these tones can help you find comfort in your home. An excellent place to apply these colors could be your kitchen, living room, or bedroom because those rooms are places where you want to find balance.

Choosing Color Palettes for 2021

With the variety of hues to choose from, you can select the one that meets your needs. Maybe you need more than one for your different spaces. A bathroom could be done to give you a moment to breathe. Your living room might be the place to recharge. Perhaps you have a craft room that needs a fresh coat of paint to inspire your creativity. The bedroom is a perfect place to seek out a calm and serene atmosphere or comfort and balance. With so many choices inspired by colors in nature, you’ll find a hue that works for you.

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