You Decide – Wallpaper or Paint?

Enhancing Home Value

Both natural color palettes and bold wallpaper are on-trend for 2021. Where you take your inspiration will be what drives your choice to decide if you’re going to go with a mural or a fresh paint job. There are several things to consider as you make your choice.

Textured wallpaper can add a unique look

You Can Customize Everything

You can customize paint differently compared to wallpaper. There is also a greater variety of colors to choose from to refresh your walls. Paint also tends to be less expensive while breathing new life into a room.

Wallpaper, on the other hand, can make your room feel unique. Bold prints and patterns are coming back in a big way, so it’s easy to choose something that speaks to what you want to display. You can transform your living room into a Japanese tea garden with suitable wallpaper, but you can expect to pay more for premium designs.

Textures Are In

Wallpaper takes the win when it comes to textures. Today’s trends reflect so many different textures, thanks to the many technological advances. You can find wallpaper printed on cork sheets, silk fabrics, and a variety of different surfaces other than paper.

The variety of wallpaper available to you is massive, and paint can’t compete with that. To get textures in paint, you have to take a few extra steps. While it isn’t impossible, texture and paint don’t always get along well.

Murals or Solids

Murals are a big deal this year as people want to transform their spaces. You can get panoramic murals to cover your wall and get a view of a landscape or mountainside without ever leaving your living room. The colors in some of these murals are bold and have textured shades so that they can add lots of visual interest to your home.

On the other hand, consider the space where you want to add a mural. If you have a small space, wallpaper can make the room feel crowded. In an area like that, a solid color wall may be better to amplify the space you have to work with.

Think About Tapestries

You likely haven’t thought about it much, but rugs go up the walls like tapestries to create an inviting feel in a room. Wallpaper is also printed to mimic tapestries from the days of yore. You’ll see tapestry-style options in homes that embrace a maximalist style.

Maximalism makes quite the statement, so if you want to incorporate a bold print like a tapestry, consider placing it on a single wall as an accent. Paint the remaining walls in a complementary color. By doing so, you’ll make your room attractive and unique to you.

Florals, Tropicals, and Natural Colors

Floral wallpaper is on-trend for 2021, and it’s not just big bold hibiscus-style flowers. Florals include wallpaper that might remind you of your grandmother’s walls. There’s a name for the style, too – grandmillennial. That’s right. Millennials are embracing the florals and adding a modern sophistication to home décor.

Tropical greens also abound alongside natural colors. Since this year’s home design trends revolve around bringing the outside inside, any shade of green and natural wood tones works well with the florals. Add bright pops of colors that remind you of flower blooms, and your room is ready to enjoy.

Murals can remind you of the outdoors

Craftsmanship and Authenticity

People want their homes to reflect their authentic selves, so the masses want genuine craftsmanship. You want to invest in something that makes you feel like it reflects who you are, and the archival quality of wallpapers today can touch your soul.

Finding the right color palette in paint feels much the same way. You want colors to reflect your personality or the goals for your room. Shades of gray have lost ground unless they’re combined with shades that reflect the outdoors. You want naturally inspired designs and colors. It makes sense because being outside gives you the freedom to be yourself. You want that same feeling in your home.

The Bottom Line to Choosing Wallpaper or Paint

Wallpaper is on-trend in 2021 and is likely to continue in the coming years. Due to the styles available, you can customize almost any kind of wallpaper and color of paint. Various textures make it easy to add interest to a room. Visually appealing murals combined with solids can elevate any area to a room with a view.

For a quick update, consider adding tapestry-style options. Various florals can also add a bit of old-world chic to a modern household. Above everything else, choose what feels like a reflection of yourself to be happy with the result.

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