What to Pack for a Cruise Travel

Top insider tips for cruise travel

Who doesn’t love cruise travel? They are fantastic for families and for couples as well. After all, your accommodation doubles as your mode of transportation. How amazing is that? 

Top insider tips for cruise travel

With that said, there’s nothing worse than opening your suitcases and forgetting something important. Not to fret; just check this handy packing list, and you’re good to go.


There’s a reason why this item is the first on the list. You’ll be visiting exciting ports in foreign countries, so don’t forget your passport. If you don’t have a passport, it’s okay if you’re cruising in and out of U.S ports. Just make sure you have a copy of your government-issued identification document. 

Portable Charger

When you’re at sea, it offers lots of opportunities for exciting pictures — blue seas, sunsets, sunrise. You don’t want to miss it! And when you’re smartphones or cameras are out of battery juice, it just isn’t fun anymore. So, make sure to bring your portable chargers. Get your fun on with a full battery.


Don’t let a nasty sunburn ruin your good time. If you’re going to spend the whole day under the sun or lying on the beach on a shore excursion, it’s important to bring sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen can also lower your chances of exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

Aloe Vera Gel

Just in case, if you got a slight sunburn. Sometimes, we forget to reapply sunscreen, so you’ll be glad you brought this skin-saving gel. A secret tip: buy the aloe vera spray-on for easy application. 

The Right Mix of Comfortable Shoes

A list of tips for smooth cruise travel

Resist the urge to carry one pair of shoes for every outfit you bring. After all, it’s cruise travel. All you have to bring is flip-flops, sneakers, dressy shoes, and closed-toed water shoes. 

Bring Your Own Toiletries

While many cruise travel ships offer complimentary toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner, and soap, they are not the same as those you use at home. So it is recommended to bring travel-sized toiletries of your choice, and don’t forget a razor and shaving cream. 

Medications for Motion Sickness or Upset Stomach

Yes, you read it right! If you’re a first-timer, it’s essential to bring a small aid kit with medications, such as stomach medication, anti-diarrhea, pain relievers, and motion sickness pills. Here’s another secret tip: you can buy sea bands and wear them on your wrists to combat motion sickness. It’s better to buy them at your local stores than the ones sold in cruise shops. They are just much cheaper. 


Sure, it may seem unimportant, but you don’t want to miss some whale watching at sea. You get to see amazing views on deck or from your cruise window or balcony. Trust us; you’ll be glad that you got a closer look.

Carry-on Luggage

Carry-on luggage comes in handy in a cruise travel ship, mainly to keep your things, such as towels, sunscreen, or your book. You won’t be juggling them in your hand with carry-on luggage. Here’s a bonus tip: this luggage can double itself as a handy tote during shore excursions.

Formal Attire

This is important, especially for formal-theme nights. Most cruises have theme nights, so it’s important to bring a lovely dress. For the gentlemen, a button-up shirt and tie with trousers and dress shoes will suffice. 

Bathing Suits and Cover-ups

If you’re going on cruise travel and forgot your bathing suits, how will you have fun? Most of your time at the cruise, you probably need a few bathing suits, especially when you’re going to spend time at the pool and shore excursions. 

And don’t just bring one, bring at least two bathing suits. It’s going to take some time for them to dry. While you may be allowed to roam around in your bathing suit on the cruise, it’s not allowed in restaurants or casinos. So, here’s another bonus tip: bring some bathing suit cover-ups, T-shirts and shorts, or sundresses. 

Bring a Sweater — It Might Get Chilly

During the day, it might get hot, but during the night, especially in the open sea, the temperature will drop. So, make sure to bring one to two sweaters. Even a pashmina is good enough to keep you warm. 

Bring Cash for Tipping

If you’re ordering some drinks or food at the pool area or planning to go on shore excursions, it’s a common courtesy to tip your waiters, bus drivers, tour guides, etc. Bring some cash; you won’t feel awkward when it’s time to go back to the port. More importantly, they will feel extra special when you tip them.

Bring a Refillable Water Bottle

Last but not least, pack a refillable water bottle. It may seem unnecessary, but it’s a lifesaver, especially when you’re on cruise travel. Most cruise ships have dispenser water, and it’s for free. You won’t have to spend a fortune buying bottled water on board. Plus point: you’re helping save the planet by not using plastic bottles at all. 

We hope this list will help you not to forget anything. Are you ready to set sail and have fun? Enjoy your cruise travel.

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