Small Improvements Can Impact Home Resale Value

People spend large amounts of money on home improvement projects meant to raise the resale value of their homes. Unfortunately, you can easily spend more money than you’ll get when you sell your home. The key is to spend as little as possible to boost your ROI and increase home value when it goes on the market.

A well-manicured and landscaped lawn in front of a white house

Improve Curb Appeal

Buying a home is primarily an emotional response combined with the spatial necessities you require. If your house looks good to a buyer, you’ve already made a positive impression and improved your chances of selling quickly.

Well-maintained landscaping makes an excellent first impression because a nice yard indicates a well-kept home. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. If you do it yourself, it can cost a few thousand dollars over the course of an entire year for a significant landscaping upgrade. Compared to your house value, you can expect a complete return on your investment when it’s time to sell as well.

Replace Your Front Door

A lovely door gives a positive impression and adds to your home resale value. With various options available, you can find doors that are steel, fiberglass, wood, or aluminum. Some are ornate with glass inlays and detailed cutouts. Others are solid panels with carved details. Each is appropriate for an entryway, but you’ll have to pick one that goes with your home’s style.

You can expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on a new entry door. Keep in mind your home resale value when you choose your entry door replacement. If you purchase a door that is several thousand dollars and your home is a midrange home, you will not have as high of a return as you would if you buy a door that fits in the same range.

A coordinating front door can improve home resale value

Paint Touch-ups

Painting the exterior of your home is no small feat, but it is a measure of maintenance that should be done every several years. Paint is exposed to the elements, and it will eventually dry, flake, and chip. When that starts to happen, you can do simple touch-ups to keep your exterior looking good.

You can also update the paint on your trip or front door or stick to painting touch-ups. A bold color that speaks to today’s color trends works in your favor if you’re looking to resell your home. Earth-inspired tones are in, so if you’re going to repaint your trim or front door, consider painting in green, blue, yellow, or even a dark red.

Easy Hardware Updates

Hardware updates are one of the most manageable changes to make that won’t cost much money. Making these upgrades doesn’t involve a massive renovation but instead looks at the small things like cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. You can install these yourself in the kitchen and bathrooms for a new updated look.

For a timeless look, consider going with a brushed metallic finish, like nickel or bronze. Nickel adds a cleaner, brighter look, while oil-rubbed bronze is better for a warmer atmosphere. You can find them at local home improvement stores. Don’t forget about checking places like Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations for excellent deals.

Change Light Fixtures

Thanks to the currently on-trend styles, you can find various light fixtures that would work well with any home. You don’t have to spend a fortune to replace them, either. Updating light fixtures is easy enough to do on your own, too.

For a contemporary look, consider the look you’re going for in that room. For a more classic space, go with bronze or golden metallic. You want to go with a brushed metal finish for a modern look, like nickel or stainless steel. Other options also include a black, powder-coated metal for industrial space.

The Bottom Line

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make massive improvements to your home for the sake of resale value. With just a few small improvements, you can increase your home’s resale value in a short time and with less money.

Start with improving your curb appeal to create a home that is pleasing to the eye from the street. If you’re not sure what to do, consider a free consultation with a local landscaper to help you out. Replacing the front door is another simple task that you can do in a few hours or less. Touch up the paint of your home’s exterior or front door. Consider repainting if you would rather go that route. Making simple hardware updates also adds value to your home, as does changing light fixtures around your house.

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