Must-haves in Interior Features for Your Vehicle

A remote or push-button start is a handy feature on any car.

When you are shopping for a new vehicle, what are some of the first things you look at? You no doubt want to know the price, but other factors are critical as well. You probably want to know what kind of gas mileage the car gets and the type of engine it has. You may be interested to know about some of the exterior elements the car has as well. But you should always pay close attention to what’s on the inside.

Interior features of a car are critical to your comfort level and how at ease and in command you will feel at the wheel. The best cars not only offer a smooth, reliable ride, but they also give you features of convenience and entertainment. When it’s time to look for your next car, SUV, truck, or van, pay attention to what is available inside.

Push-button Start/Remote Start

A remote or push-button start is a handy feature on any car.

Gone are the days when you needed to fire up the engine with a set of keys. Keyless entries have been popular for years, and more recently, push-button starts have become more common. This simple feature makes it a little faster and easier to get the car moving. It is becoming more and more standard on new models.

Even more convenient is the remote start function. This enables you to start the engine with your smartphone from anywhere within range of your car. It can be particularly handy if you want to warm up the car ahead of time and have it ready when you arrive a few minutes later.

Heated Seats

When it’s cold outside, you can’t wait to hop in your car and get the heater going. In years past, you would have to deal with a cold seat for quite a while until the heater could warm it up. Now, many new vehicles come with seat warmers in both the driver’s and passenger’s seats. You may even be able to find these interior features with three different power levels, depending on your needs and how cold the car is.

Backup Camera

Today, no driver should want to be at the wheel of a car that doesn’t have this feature. A backup camera is a nice safeguard when you are trying to back out of a tight spot or in an area where there is a lot of traffic — cars and pedestrians. It is especially useful in parking lots and when backing out of your driveway.

The camera is mounted in your rear window or just above it. An LCD on your dash shows what the camera sees. When an object is passing in your back or is in the way, a warning sound will alert you.

Power Seat Adjustments

Have you ever gotten into your car after someone else has sat in the seat? Perhaps that person positioned the seat in such a way that it isn’t comfortable for you. Power seat adjustments make it easy to put the chair in the place you need it. The functionality sometimes allows for up to 10 different positions, including moving the seat forward, backward, and up and down. With some cars, you can even use this feature to set the position you want, and it will automatically adjust for you when you sit down.

Comfortable seats and those that adjust are important interior features to consider in a new car.


Of the many interior features you could want for your vehicle, this is among the most popular and common. It has also been around for several decades. An oldy but a goody, the sunroof, is great for clear days or when you want to catch a cool breeze. Sunroofs are available on a wide range of car models and styles.

Other Interior Features to Consider

There are many other elements to shop for when you are looking for a new car. You can’t forget about safety features. Many of these are located inside and can keep you and your loved ones from suffering serious injury or even death. Locking seatbelts are important for the driver and passengers. These seatbelts will automatically tighten when you apply the brakes hard and suddenly. The belts will prevent the users from moving forward.

Air bags are essential for your well-being in the event of a crash. Front air bags are required in all vehicles. You should also shop for cars that come with side air bags. These deploy upon impact when your car collides with another object. Headrests can help you avoid injuries to your head and neck, such as whiplash if you are in an accident. These features help to cushion blows you could suffer. They also add to the comfort of being in your seat for a long period.

A car with excellent interior features should stand out to you when you are looking for a new vehicle. Use these guidelines to help you identify those features that are the most appealing to you.

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