6 Tips to Cut Air Conditioning Costs

A woman cooling herself down

Summer is here. That means it’s time to switch on your air conditioners. But at the same time, you don’t want to switch on because of the high bills. After all, you are paying extra to keep your family comfortable. However, comfort comes at a price.

With that said, here are six best tips to keep your house cool and cut your costs. It’s time to enjoy your summer without any sweat.

A woman cooling herself down

Keep the Heat Out

Here’s the first tip for you. Get some curtains. It deflects solar heat into your home. We get it that it’s summer, and you want bright, warm sunlight coming into your home. But that can cause more heat. You can also opt to get blinds to reduce the heat. Make sure to purchase bright color curtains or blinds. They reflect the sunlight and keep your home cool.

Install a Smart Thermostat for Your Air Conditioning

Get a smart thermostat to run your air conditioner. You will save a lot of money. A smart thermostat can manage your home temperature. All you have to do is schedule it according to your comfort from your phone.  The recommended temperature is 78 degrees.

You should keep the air conditioner off or low when you are not around. If you feel like your air conditioner uses excessive energy, hire a specialist to get it cleaned and filtered. 

Buy Energy-efficient Air Conditioners

Few things require a one-time investment. One of them is an energy-efficient air conditioner. It doesn’t necessarily be the most expensive air conditioner, but one in the best range to meet your needs. There are many brands out there to offer you energy-efficient air conditioners that just work properly by keeping the house cool and saving costs.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are never outdated. They are an excellent source of keeping the temperature of your room cool. Fans do not lower the temperature but make the air seem more relaxed. Ceiling fans are energy-efficient and support cooling.

Switch on your ceiling fans to leave a cooling effect. However, remember that you do not need to run ceiling fans when no one is home. 

Avoid Heat Buildup Activities

When it’s hot outside, it’s recommended to avoid using machines that generate heat — for example, using the stove for cooking or using the dishwater. Alternatively, use appliances that use less heat, such as crockpots.

You can also wash dishes by hand and pat them dry. Or do these chores after dark. Televisions, computers, refrigerators are also big heat generators. Switch off when you’re not using them. You will save money on electricity. And it will make sure that the air conditioning does not work overtime.

If you feel a dire need to take a hot bath, use a fan to remove extra humidity and heat. Or, it’s better to take a cold shower during a hot day. You will then feel refreshed and won’t need an air conditioner.

Use a fan to cut air conditioning costs

Seal Home Completely

Want to cut down costs on air conditioning? Take a day off and examine the wind drafts coming into your home. This will prevent indoor air from escaping through the gaps and keep the room cool for longer than usual. Moreover, it will not allow the outdoor air to enter the home.

Don’t forget to check your windows as well. Sometimes, poorly sealed windows leak cool air. That makes your air conditioner work harder. Make sure to seal cracks and leaks to prevent cool air from leaving your home.

Here are two bonus tips to help you. Replace your incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs. They tend to generate more heat and need more energy to operate. Changing to LED bulbs will keep your utility bills low. Also, shading your property by planting trees on the south and west sides will also help cool your home.


Air conditioners serve multiple purposes, making them an essential appliance at home. So, make sure to get your air conditioning appliance service. Get a qualified specialist that will maintain a proper HVAC system. They know how to clean the appliance in and out and check voltage connections.

It’s important that your air conditioning offers you a cool breeze in the hot temperature. It also maintains the right level of moisture and temperature in your house to keep it cool. Not to mention, it circulates clean air to avoid pollution by freeing it from extra dust and bacteria.

To avoid such discomfort, it is wise to invest your money into an energy-efficient air conditioner. Besides, outdated air conditioning demands more energy than smart ones. We hope these tips will help you keep your home cool and bring down your air conditioning costs this summer.

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