15 Natural Ways to Grow Your Hair Longer

Grow your hair longer with aloe vera

Are you worried about your hair fall and hair growth and want to look as attractive as Rapunzel? You must adopt the natural process to grow your hair. The benefits of the natural process can help you to improve your hair growth without the side effects.

Let’s dive into this article to know about the natural remedies you have to apply to stimulate hair growth.

Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is a popular way to improve hair growth. Not only does it give you comfort, but it also boosts your blood circulation and increases hair strength. Scalp massage keeps your hair moist and strengthens the roots of the hair. Moreover, it provides relaxation.

Grow your hair longer with aloe vera

Try Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is considered a trusted source for hair growth for centuries. It can unblock hair follicles clogged by oil and reduce dandruff, which is the leading cause of hair loss.

You can use pure aloe vera directly from the plant or use a shampoo containing aloe vera.

Apply Greek Yogurt

Yogurt contains vitamins and proteins that are essential for hair growth. If you think your hair loss rate is higher than the growth rate, this solution is perfect for you. You can add honey and apple cider vinegar to the yogurt to get desired results.

Use Supplements

Nutritional deficiencies can inhibit hair growth, too. With a healthy diet, you should use supplements that will boost your growth rate. Multivitamin supplements, omega-3s, and biotin may help you in this regard.

Try Onion Juice

If you can bear the foul smell of onion juice, you may benefit from it. Onion juice is often considered a trusted source to treat patchy alopecia areata by improving hair growth and enhancing circulation. Apply onion juice to your hair and leave it for at least half-hour. Then wash normally.

Avoid Heat Styling Instruments

Excess use of styling devices, like curling irons and blow dryers, can damage your hair badly and make it rough, frizzy, and dry. It would help if you kept in mind the precautions while using these tools.

Avoid hair dryers to grow your hair longer

Try Egg Yolk Mask

The average growth rate of hair is a quarter to half an inch in a month, but you can boost this process. To prepare this mask:

  1. Add two eggs in one tablespoon of oil and add some water to it.
  2. Apply it on your hair and leave for about a half-hour.
  3. Then, shampoo and rinse as usual.

Apply Lemon Juice

Lemon oil or lemon juice is said to improve the growth and quality of hair. Apply lemon oil or liquid directly on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Then, shampoo your hair thoroughly.

Eat a Healthy Diet

If you follow a healthy diet that contains iron, proteins, and vitamins, you should have no hair growth problems. If not, you must optimize your diet for hair growth and add eggs, salmon, cauliflowers, leafy greens, and nuts. A healthy diet will help improve your hair growth.

Use Cold Water to Strengthen Hair

Taking a hot shower may benefit your skin, but it can damage your hair and cause dryness in your hair. Rinsing with cold water can strengthen hair follicles and help you to close your hair follicles. If you can handle cold water, it is the best thing for your hair.

Trim Your Split Ends Regularly

Hair with split ends can stunt your hair growth. Try to trim your hair regularly. Otherwise, split ends can make your hair dry, tangled, and dull. Remember, the average time between every trim ranges from 3 to 4 months.

Be Careful When Detangling

Detangling the knots in your hair will test your patience. Not being careful when brushing can cause split ends and hair fall, much opposite of hair growth. Try to comb gently, especially after the shower when the hair is more fragile. Brush your knots before taking a shower.

Take Fish Oil

Taking omega fatty acids in your diet can help to improve your hair as they are filled with proteins and nutrients. Omega fatty acids help strengthen your immunity and cells to work sharply, leading to better health.

Avoid Over-shampooing

It is said that over-washing with shampoo can destroy your hair and lead to broken, dull, and curly hair. The average number of times to shampoo your hair can vary depending on your hair type. Try to find your hair type, and then use shampoo accordingly. Otherwise, your hair will be damaged by shampooing too often.

Reduce Stress

Stress and depression can affect your body. When it comes to hair, stress affects you more than anything else. If you can successfully control your anxiety, your hair growth may improve, and growing your hair longer becomes easier.

Final Verdict

If you wish to grow your hair, follow this plan with patience as this is a long-term process and requires you to stay consistent.

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